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India is changing and changing very fast. The literacy rate is going up. The literacy rate among girls is going up too and it is quite close to that of boys now. But, there still are some barriers to good education. Barriers of decent infrastructure, barriers of affordability. There is a huge deficit of qualified, skilled teachers.

But, no more! Padhega Bharat is here to bridge all gaps and demolish all barriers. It is a humble effort to provide not just the Right to Education but “Right to Good Education”. By bringing best of teachers with great competence to deliver knowledge to the remotest corner of India through Virtual Classrooms. Padhega Bharat is riding the Digital India wave to lead students to “Where Excellence is Affordable”.

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Great Features

Centralized content delivery studios in Pune.

Smart Classroom
Padhega Bharat has a network of over 100 Virtual Learning Centers in Maharashtra with more than 150 Virtual Classrooms. Connected to the Centralized studios in Pune.
Qualified Teachers
Highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable teachers conduct sessions in a student friendly manner with topical videos, charts, animations, etc to aid better understanding.
Live Q & A
Smart Classes allow students to raise questions for immediate resolution by the teacher.

Virtual Classes but Real Learning!

Where Excellence is Affordable!

Our Vision : Empowering Students to gain & apply Knowledge through state of the art infrastructure & outstanding academician & industry practitioners without the need of travelling long distance.

Our Mission : Faster Sustainable & consistent quality education to next generation youths through dedication & excellence with the help of rapidly growing & affordable technology.

Our Salient Features of virtual Learning

  • Centralized studios in Pune.
  • 100+ Virtual Learning Centers with over 150 Smart Classrooms in Maharashtra.
  • Eminent Teachers.
  • Choice of courses.
  • Multiple Domains.
  • Motivational Lectures.
  • Live as well as Recorded sessions.
  • Interactivity in Live sessions and E mail/chat support for recorded sessions.

Learn Anywhere

Students can learn from anywhere.Its very easy for students.

Expert Teachers

We have well experienced teachers above 10+ experienced.

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A bouquet of courses under various domains to choose from. Whether you are a school student or an executive you will find something meeting your requirement.

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Padhega Bharat is associated with renowned educators and educationists to offer courses that are best in class.

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