Avishkar Lab

What it is?

Avishkar’s Robotic Lab offers customized solution for the young talent to experience an innovation and unlock untapped talent potential. It is portable lab based on advance version of STEM education that is e-STEM, which is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of electronic, science, technology, engineering, environment and mathematics.

When it was developed? (Short history)

t is developed in the year 2016. e-STEEM aims to develop a new learning dimension in our existing school education system, by combining creativity and innovation to implement the 21 st Century Technological Pedagogy. It intends to encourage the students to learn by ‘Tinkering’, ‘Making’ and ‘Doing’ to develop their skills.

About 20 years ago, when computer education was beginning to take a stronghold in India, we launched the Computer Literacy programme beginning at the school level. Within a span of 14 years, this programme reached out to more than a crore students, making it to be one of the largest educational initiatives in the world.

The Government of India has launched the Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan (RAA) and Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) by promoting ‘Tinkering Labs’ in schools. To strengthen these initiatives and to inculcate the culture of ‘Innovation’ in all spheres of life, we have conceptualised the ‘Aavishkar Lab’ mission for schools. Through, this we endeavour to add a practical and far-reaching dimension to the existing education system that will have chapters dealing with ‘Science and Technology’, ‘Social Sciences and Linguistics’ and ‘Aesthetics’.

This mission aims to go beyond STEM Education by introducing ‘e-STEEM’, which stands for and encompasses the fields of ‘Electronics’, ‘Science, Technology and Engineering’, ‘Environment’ and ‘Mathematics’. Under the ‘Science and Technology’ chapter of Aavishkar Lab, we intend to foster the dimensions of ‘Learning by Tinkering’ and ‘Learning by Doing’ simultaneously

Why to use or join?

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Block chain are emerging technologies with a rising impact on our daily lives. There is no question that e-STEM skills now form the basis of the fastest-growing job categories for future generations.

Aavishkar lab provides portable infra-less tinkering lab based on e-STEEM for performing real-life hand’s on projects as a deliverable and advance learning content.

Aavishkar Lab believes in supporting teachers and parents by providing children with unique, high-quality, and smarter educational tools

The activity-based learning strategy has observed a great positive impact on students’ personal and educational growth.

Benefits or Outcomes?

Through e-STEM, students develop and enhanced key skills like

-Problem Solving


-Critical Analysis

-Team Work

-Independent Thinking

– Initiative


-Digital Literacy.