Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an activity plan initiated by a Company as a result of its own realization that it owes something to the society as a responsible Corporate Citizen. Through CSR programs, a business organization can benefit the society at large while boosting its brands. Well planned CSR activities help forge a stronger bond between the Corporate body and its direct or indirect customers. Moreover, such activities help the Corporate body create a positive image of itself in the market.

India is amongst the first countries to introduce CSR as a mandatory provision by enacting the Companies Act 2013.It aims to supplement Govt’s efforts in achieving inclusive growth. Education is one of the key focus areas for inclusive growth. “Beti bachao-beti padhao” is also an important part of the education domain. Acknowledging the rural-urban divide in education and the issues in efficient delivery of education in distant and remote areas; Govt wants Corporates to embrace the Digital India platform to achieve the social goals. More than Rs 13,600 crores were spent by responsible Corporate citizens as part of CSR in year 2017-18.

Talking of the Education domain, the desirous Corporates will find a good implementation and delivery partner in Padhega Bharat-PB (a Brand of Healthy Globe Virtual Education Pvt Ltd). PB can play a pivotal role in helping Corporates to identify the genuinely needy students and schools. Once we identify such schools, we can help the corporates assess the needs of students varying from basic Syllabus-based teaching to English speaking and Experiential Learning using DIY kits. We offer all these courses via Virtual Classrooms. Depending on needs we also offer courses in Foreign Languages and Employment Enabling basic IT courses. For more details please click here.

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